We are one of the  biggest , largest companys in Europe who offering to you , a best  stock clothes in the market .
Working on 6 countries   Spain  , Germany , Poland , Slovakia , Italy , Hungary .
we have the  Best Peoples who brings to you , the popular and fashionable items .
we worked together to bring it to you the best brands ,
for the best prices !!
all over the europe .
Left overs , sample collection , Shop returns , Customer returns , Surplus stocks, ………….
We give customers the ability to choose the quality of the goods:
  • Quality 1st – High quality of the clothes, free from defects, 100% new containing the original tags and manufacturer labels.
  • Quality 2nd – New clothing, containing micro defect (no button, dirty, damaged lock) many sellers are choosing other species due to the very low price and the variety of models.
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  • Be successful!!